Jam Packed Wednesday!

Feeling blue you’re only half way through the workweek?  Drop by the Hub today and re energize through some great events here.

If you are interested in International Development and Earthquake Preparedness come hear a discussion led by Elizabeth Hausler founder of BuildChange.org at 9 a.m. in the Hubble Meeting Space (Members and Invited Guests Only). This organization designs earthquake-resistant houses in developing countries and trains builders, homeowners, engineers, and government officials to build them. Get your day off to an inspired start!

As per usual, it’s Sexy Salad Wednesday! (Members and Invited Guests Only) Bring a salad ingredient or something to go with it and share a meal and conversation with your fellow Hub members. Collaboration has never been this much fun! We’ll kick it off at 12 p.m. in the Hubble Meeting Room

And to top off the day, come by An Evening with Social Innovators (Open to the Public) 6:00-7:3o p.m. Meet and mingle with Wesleyan alumni   for an evening on blurring of the lines between nonprofits and for profits, investment and philanthropy, and other mysterious and interesting topics. Joshua Kagan ’01 and Tim Freundlich ’90 will host at Hub Berkeley, a cutting edge new workspace and meeting place for social entrepreneurs and their funders. Tim, co-founder of Good Capital (http://www.goodcap.net) and Senior VP at Calvert Social Investment Foundation (http://www.calvertfoundation.org), will give framing remarks for the evening from his vantage point at the intersection of social enterprise and impact investing. Tim’s comments will be followed by plenty of time to meet with other alumni interested in social innovation to share ideas, and to reconnect with old friends. Wine and pre-dinner snacks will be provided.


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