Co-working: the end of loneliness

Nathaniel Whittemore of published a  stellar post on 5 things necessary for any local start-up ecosystem. He points out that, “People are the lifeblood of any startup ecosystem; if you don’t have them, you don’t have anything.” His list focuses on how these great people find and connect with each other, including through workspaces, events, exposure to diversity and proximity to money. These are all aspects we’re working hard (with your help) to provide here at the hub as we nurture an eco-system for social entrepeneurs.

As the holiday season winds down, I’d also like to suggest just one more thing the Hub provides our bay area changemakers: an end to holiday office party envy! Admit it. While most of us revel in the independence and self-determination of working for ourselves, sometimes you miss the socialization of a thriving, vibrant office community. That’s why it was such a joy to celebrate the holiday season with fellow members here at the Hub. You’ll find some pictures of this great event over at flickr.

Thanks to all whom attended and made this gathering so vibrant and enjoyable. I look forward to many more such gatherings in 2010.


p.s. see you bright and early Monday morning over at Hub Berkeley- my favorite place to ring in the work week! Until then, happy Friday.


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