The Hub is looking for exceptional people to join our team!

About The Hub

The Hub is a space for social innovators to work, meet, connect, and inspire. Members come to Hubs across the globe to collaborate, access market opportunities and capital, build community, and scale ideas. It is a place-based and online community of entrepreneurs, freelance professionals, artists, funders,students, mentors, community leaders – amazing people, doing incredible things. We borrowed from the best of a member’s club, business incubator, idea lab, and the comforts of home to create a different kind of space. A habitat for innovators. For more info, visit

Hub Host Position Description

Hub is a professionally hosted environment that connects members and increases capacity. Hosts build relationships with Members, make linkages, facilitate member engagements, drive creativity, and promote opportunities for collaboration. Hosts also maintain inviting conditions for knowledge sharing, relationship cultivation, and productivity at The Hub. Perhaps most importantly, Hosts respond to Members’ ‘just-intime’ needs for resources, capacity, and expertise.

Hub hosts have an usual combination of core qualities:

  • Entrepreneurial drive
  • Ability to gather people, find synergies, build on ideas, and inspire others
  • Ability to connect with diverse cultural, social, andeducational backgrounds
  • Attracting personality
  • Grounded attention to detail
  • Hands-on approach
  • Values-driven
  • Energy, determination and resolve
  • Exceptional communication skills

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

The successful candidate will become a key part of The Hub Bay Area team which supports over 200 socially and environmentally oriented organizations with work and meeting spaces, community,professional tools, funding, and a wide spectrum of provocative events. This is not your normal job; a Hub Host connects, supports, and inspires members to further develop their projects, events, and ideas. The support role advertised in this opportunity falls into the specific areas of Hub community engagement, marketing, event coordination, and administration. The role is intended to evolve into other areas of the Hub hosting practice as the organization grows. Responsibilities include:


Welcoming visitors and new members and setting an example re: the culture, habits and ethos of The Hub. Providing information and assistance to Members and those who call, email or visit The Hub. Inspiring and supporting members’ initiatives. Connecting Hub Members to each other and supporting the creation and development of Member working groups and collaborations.

Community Event Creation, Promotion, and Execution

From brown bag lunches to larger Hub produced events, Hosts interface with Members to design, promote, and execute daytime and evening events focused on social innovation. Host also write blog posts about events and follow up with event attendees to encourage Membership at The Hub and foster new ideas and opportunities.

Member Attraction and Community Engagement

Support design and implementation of constantly evolving online and offline Hub Member attraction strategies that include guerilla marketing, online media, event creation, partnership building, website development, and more. Hub Hosts also assign and manage intern project work for 3+ interns.


Hub Hosts engage in a variety of complex admin tasks that involve use of online social media, Salesforce, Vertical Response, Eventbrite, Gmail, WordPress, Hub Space (internal member management system), and other instruments. Comfortability using these online tools is critical.

The Particulars

Location: Hub Berkeley/Hub Soma

Hours: Full Time. Workflows are during normal business hours and evening hours for events

Compensation: To begin: 3 month contract at $30-40k annualized (depending on experience) + health insurance stipend. Performance review at 3 months pursuant to full employment soon thereafter.

Application Deadline: Feb 15

Expected Start Date: February

Supervision: Hub Host will report directly the Managing Director and work in tandem with all Hub staff.

Desired Qualifications:

Education: University-level training in Business, Marketing, Organizational Development, Community Development or related field.

Prior Experience:

Minimum of one year working in an office environment, preferably within a small, entrepreneurial setting. Experience working with diverse groups of individuals and communities. Experience with community development, event coordination, public speaking are major pluses. Experience with creating and executing online and offline marketing strategies also a plus. Experience with managing websites, writing blogs, using salesforce and vertical response also helps.

Language Proficiency: Fluency in English required

Knowledge: Understanding of and deep curiosity about the emerging social economy.

Skills and Abilities:

In addition to above: represent the The Hub effectively, along with organizational and administrative skills. Motivation and commitment to work effectively as part of a dynamic team and a large community. Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to infuse your work with humor, consideration, and kindness. Ability to see connections between Members, possible synergies and opportunities for cross pollination. Comfortable working with diverse groups of individuals and communities in a chaotic environment. Ability to flex smoothly in a constantly changing, start-up environment with many distractions and a wide spectrum of duties. Willingness to work in the evenings hosting and attending events.

Application Process:

Send a cover letter and CV as attachments to:

If there is a good match, we will email you to request a time/date for an in-person interview. No phone calls please.



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